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2019 so far..

Being away from this blog for a year feels kinda suck (and, yes, I am still a bitter soul, lol). It's the 3rd quarter of 2019, and I haven't been in touch with blogspot till todate ~ not even a new year resolution ( wow! ). Yes, here I am. Again. Hello. Hopefully, I can write once in two or three months so that this blog will be very much alive, feeding you with nonsense womanly writing/unimportant motherhood blabbering/useless never-ending thoughts/uncertainty in (my) life/not so spiritual questions/etc. So.. 2019! Here is the picture for you.. it's hilly . Ups and downs - a lot of downs , to be exact. No, no, I am not gonna complaining about being a mother has so many downs - that's absolute. But, no, not about that. I am talking "in general".. I have so many downs: spiritually, mentally, financially, socially, and physically. Which is kinda everything in life. That's to update you - not that you care ( ha! ), but that's okay.. i am still here

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