Diaper-free, finally!

Potty training for Iola isn't all easy peasy. As I've wrote before (here), the beginning was super stressful for her and me. You can read the whole story in my old post.
wearing no diaper during the day wandering outdoor. no wet pants for almost the whole day. awesome job!
Many mommies said that I started too early, that she wasn't ready. Yes, maybe it's true. I was just trying my luck, since parenting isn't all about 100% success - it's a "lil bit luck + a lil bit trial and error + a lot of miracle". I've encountered a mom that was successful to potty-train her 1.5 years old daughter, and by that reason.. I was encouraged to try. And although it wasn't a super successful attempt, but I'm still glad I tried.

So, here is another story:

She's now officially diaper free for 23 days.
the very last diaper.

If you asked me how I did it, I honestly don't know. I just decided to try it one day. And I was ready with several waterproof sheets (which in the end, only being used once - another wow!).

A few days before, I told Yos that I don't want to buy another pack of diaper. That was the last pack. That particular pack lasted for almost a month, because she only wore a diaper at night. So, I want to tell her (and myself) that we have no more diaper to be worn at night, therefore she had to try not to wet her pretty pajama's pants and her bed sheet. That's what I told her. And she replied, "Okay, mama! I'm a big girl now, I can pee on the toilet at night."

So, that night we tried.

At 12 o'clock, I woke her up and asked whether she wanted to pee. She said yes (with eyes closed). So, I carried her to the toilet and poke her to pee. That's it! In the morning: dry knickers, dry pants, and dry sheet!


After that day, she wet her bed sheet once - because she drank too much water right before bed and I forgot to ask her to pee in the middle of the night (sorry, babe!).

So, congratulations baby girl! You've graduated the most nerve-wrecking phase of toddler-hood! Enjoy your knickers :)


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