Traveling with a toddler - North Berwick

North Berwick may not sounds familiar for most of us, it didn't ring any bell when I first heard the name of it. It was just "North Brkkkh" in my ears, sorry for my bad ears slash English slash spelling skills. After a few times hearing it, finally I googled it (haha), and then my brain finally cooperated with the spelling and I started to feel fuelled enough to continue the excitement seeing this particular place.

It is situated on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, 40km north east of Edinburgh. Public transportation are available to go there; bus and train. The main attraction is beach, since it's a seaside town.

We only spent a few hours in North Berwick, and apparently it was enough to absorb the beauty of the little town. If you come alone, you actually can spend hours only by sitting on the bench by the beach, overlook the horizon and enjoy sunset while eating ice cream or sipping a cup of coffee.

My kid was happy only by seeing sand on the beach. Although it was quite chill, she insisted to take off her shoes and walk barefoot so that she could feel the sand under her toes. We didn't stop at a cool cafe, or ate fancy pastry; we just walked the beach, listened to the wind, took pictures, climbed up and down small rocky hills, and adored the sceneries. We were quite handful, since the little one walked in slow pace and we followed her around and waited for her to finish whatever she was doing.

Fancy coming here?
I think you should.


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