Happy New Year and Things I Don't Do Anymore Since Vitiligo

Happy 2018!

I wish you all happiness and a blessed year ahead. Let's start slow and ride it slow, seize each day as if it's your first and last day.

As the new year comes, I realize several things I did and I didn't do.
I did gain weight, and that's a proof that I didn't exercise at all the whole year *shame on me*.
I did get rid of a lot of things, to achieve life with less stuffs (didn't read Kondo's book, but I got the essence of it); I donated, I threw things, I shopped less.
I did use my own shopping bag when going groceries, which means I didn't add plastic wastage as much as I did before.
I did hide my spots when taking picture - although I said that I've accepted my condition, and that means I didn't take picture of my hands and my legs for the past year.

Me not-taking-picture (of my hands and foot) is one of a lot of things that I don't do anymore since I got vitiligo, it struck me hard, the fact that actually I've been hiding. Hiding from myself, to be exact. Yes, I've accepted my spots; but, I'm still not showing it openly to the world. I'm covering my spots as much as I can, unconsciously - when choosing clothes, when taking pictures, when meeting people, etc.

Come to realize that my instagram's content has changed ever since, that's the easiest way for me to narrow down the things I don't do anymore (since vitiligo):
1. I've stopped taking pic of my hands with a hashtag #handsinframe;
2. I've stopped taking pic of my bare foot with a hashtag #fromwhereistand;
3. I don't paint my nails anymore, because what's the point.. I will not look at my hands most of the time;
4. I don't wear short pants to go outside as often as before;
5. I choose shoes rather than flip flops or open sandals although it's freakin' hot;
6. I don't look at myself in the mirror as much as I did before;
7. I seldom go out in bare face;

The seven things I could think of for now. And it might be a start, a start to let me realize other things that has been stopping me being myself.

And here are the two images to replicate what I used to capture:



Happy new year 2018! Be a blessing to others!


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