9 small stuffs I miss since being a mother

Being a mother is wonderful, and great, and super awesome, etcetera etcetera.

But, before being a mother, I was (read: we were all) a single independent adult human being, who was carefree and unattached with other small human being.
Before being a mother, I (read: we) had a pair of light legs that are able to move ten times faster than now.
Before being a mother, I (read: we) slept late because of having me-time.
Before being a mother, I (read: we) woke up only an hour before an appointment because I (read: we) only needed to prepare my own self.

I looooooveeeee mothering.

But, I am allowed to miss my single-adult life, aren't I?

1. Being alone, quiet, and peaceful without the need to worry that if I move a little or make a little noise, I would wake up somebody.
2. Being able to eat alone in public peacefully.
3. Reading a book, until FINISH in a day. Now, I've never been able to finish a book; and yes, I've started so many books and tried everytime to finish at least one of them. Failed.
4. Writing stuffs with deep thought. Now my mind is always floating on the surface, never go deeper. I don't know.. mother's brain I supposed. Getting shallower and shallower, maybe because I read less. Even finding one word is super hard, sometimes. >.<
5. Shopping without hurry. Shop my own clothes, my own shoes, my own books, and my own food. Not for others.
6. Watch movies every weekend.
7. Having a budget trip with my girlfriends; book budget hotels, make a-non-children friendly-itinerary, take an overnight bus, sleep over at the airport (because budget flight, you know), and eat street food!
8. Having an impulsive coffee-date with friends until 11PM.
9. Doing laundry only during weekends.

Those are small stuffs that obviously not worth it to be exchanged with my kid, for sure. But, you know.. human are nostalgic creatures after all.
randomly chosen image i found in my laptop; zip-lining with my bestfriend in chiang mai.
the perks of being single.
Enjoy being single, ya people!

And fellow mamas, feel free to add your own stuffs here.. I can totally relate! :D


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