LDR and happy anniversary

It tastes sweet and sour. Remembering a few years ago you were saying "I do", and now you are hundred kms away from him, and yet still married to him! Lol. No, I am not being bitter. Like I said, it's sweet and sour. Life happens, so here we are: doing LDR and having anniversary separately.

Three years and counting.

I still remember what one of my friend said on my wedding day; she and her husband couldn't make it to our reception, therefore she sent me a message (and that's the best line I received that day): "stay in love stubbornly" (I like the Bahasa's version more: "Tetaplah saling cinta dengan keras kepala").

Although, when it's not hot burning love anymore and the fire has gone long ago, I know we'll be alright.
Although, if one day we fight like two people who have never been in love, I know we will still have a little love - yes, it's a tiny little love (we're fighting, remember?) and that's enough for that moment.
Although, if we become really really fat and we can't even make love anymore, we'll be okay because we will tell each other that tomorrow is the time for us to start exercise while eating a bowl of indomie.
Because we are two stubborn beings.

Happy three, better half.

See you in a bit!

ps: Thank you Mbak Vin, for the sweetest message I will never forget :*


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