11 Things that Make My Toddler Cries

On behalf of my toddler, I am happy to announce these breaking news that make our life so colorful and full of laugh and tears (read: my toddler cries, I laugh). It's a worth writing list that someday it will be a funny reminder for us.

So, here it is: things that make my toddler cries

1. She wants to have a ponytail at 4am
This is the most recent thingy she came up with. She woke up in tears, although I usually ignore her, this time the cry is different. She was so hysterical and sad, so I woke up and asked her what is the matter. She tried to speak in between tears, her voice was shaking, "Iola wants ponytail. Mama, don't.. Don't.."
I pitied her at first. But with this explanation, I can't not laugh!

2. I take away a plate of chicken from her highchair, because it's supposed to be shared with the whole family
In fact, she didn't even touch the chicken. She just wanted it to be placed in front of her, meanwhile.. the whole family needed the chicken!

3. Other people sits on an adult chair that she claims it's hers
There are particular chairs that she claims to be hers, even though she can't put her bottom in several chairs all at once, but still: nobody can sit on her chair!

4. Me putting on a blanket
(FYI, we're co-sleeping) This is a strange habit that she's been having since few weeks ago. If she used the blanket, I couldn't use it with her. So, I have to give her another blanket in order to use my own blanket. But, there are some nights that I am so tired to argue with her about the blanket, so I would just use my blanket and let her cry claiming, "Mama can't use the blanket.. Mama can't use the blanket..!" for 15 minutes or so.

5. Me handing her a small spoon - she wants a big spoon because she feels she deserves to be treated like a big girl (big girl = big spoon)
And her mouth can't even fit the spoon!

6. Me calling her "small"
She woke up one morning and scream, "Iola is big!". The following moments was: I mocked her and calling her "small" while she firmly said that she's big, despite her wet knickers and her constant demand to be carried.

7. Me singing "Happy birthday, Abbygail" instead of "Happy birthday, Iola"
Love and hate relationship with her dear Abby. She constantly asks for Abby everyday and that doesn't stop her to be upset whenever something is coming up for Abby, instead for her - and that includes the birthday song. She says all birthday song is mean to be sang for her, not for Abby, not for Mama, not for Papa. Every birthday is her birthday. Tell me about it!

8. She wants to wear her boots all day
She loves her boots! Therefore, indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, boots are on!

9. She wants to wipe her mouth every time she eats a spoonful of ice cream
She doesn't like her mouth dirty, I don't know where she picks up this strange behaviour. Don't toddlers like to be messy? Aren't they ignorant about this thing? Who cares when your lips are dirty? You are a toddler!
Well, not her. She would ask for a wipe on every single time she spoon ice cream to her mouth. Mark my word, every single spoon. Guess what would she do if I don't give her a tissue..

10. She wants to hold the phone whenever we're on video call (and end up the people on the other side only sees her forehead)
Not a good phone-holder, but she likes to be in control. This is me telling you, if you want to video-call me, bear with forehead screen or ceiling or plain walls..

11. She wants to eat rice with chocolate sprinkles

The best combo, in her opinion. Beware masterchef, my toddler has the newest innovation!


Share me what your toddlers are up to! It will be so much fun! :D


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