easter break #1

Edinburgh is one of the city we always want to visit. It's been mentioned by so many people, so many times. I thought it would be overrated, but actually it is not, it is (proven) a one charming city.

We took train from Sheffield, without transit, it took 4.5 hours to reach Edinburgh. When I heard the duration, it made me nervous.. because of Iola. The last time we took train was London-bound, and it was half of the time. With the previous experience from the roadtrip, I was so afraid she will be as fuzzy as she was. But, we gotta do what we gotta do! So, I brought a stack of paper, a bunch of markers, dozen variety of snacks, and bought her a kid's magazine (with stickers and assorted toys). Whatever I brought and bought: work!!!Thank God! :D

So we arrived at noon, and we took cab to reach my cousin's house (mbak Tika), which is not so close to the city. After settling down, she brought us to light lunch, then to Princess Street Garden. We stayed there for a while, adoring the castle's wall on one of its side with a glimpse of early spring's sunshine. After that, we walked to Calton Hill (thank God we decided to borrow a stroller from our dear friend!). We stared at the Edinburgh town from the peak (with a lot of "wows" said by us), then walked around taking a picture of the unfinished monument (which was originally called National Monument), then another picture of the best view of Edinburgh town (as said by my cousin - the best guide in town, ha! :D). That night's dinner was at one of the best Turkish restaurant I have ever been - Ada Restaurant! Seriously! I ordered a chicken dish (I forget the name, though) and it was delish! Yos ordered lamb and it was delish! Mbak Tika ordered another lamb dish and it was delish! The side dish, which was grilled haloumi, was delish! All was perfect. Happy tummies.

The next day, we went to Edinburgh Castle and were planning to walk down through High Street until The Palace of Holyroodhouse. But, a plan was just a plan. All "ruined" because of one small toddler (haha!), as expected though! She wanted to walk instead of sitting comfortably in the stroller. Letting her walk meant slowing down our movement, we needed to triple our duration around the castle. And it affected our plan to walk down to The Palace of Holyroodhouse, so we needed to abort the plan and walked slowly instead. We went inside all the museums in the castle, visited all the opened doors, then had ice cream, then took picture with the people with unique costumes, visited interesting courtyards, went inside Royal Mile market (which was really interesting, both the stuffs they offer and also the building itself), listened to a jazzy street musician, went inside various souvenir shops, and enjoyed the view of the street. Not bad, really. Instead of catching up with the original schedule, what we were having was quite simple and enjoyable, at least we didn't have to worry about what places to visit. Go with the flow was the best option. We ended the day with seafood vibes plus sunset-watching from the harbour. It was another recommended (seafood) restaurant - Loch Fyne. I don't eat seafood, but from mbak Tika and Yos' reviews.. all was perfect!

On the last day, we went to National Museum of Scotland and at that time there was children's science exhibition. It was a hit for my little gal. She loved her visit so much that she strolled around without stopping, from one booth to another. I love the interior, it was so pretty and grand. There are a lot things to see, and the spatial experience was also amusing. I love all the museums in the UK, all are child-friendly and children are welcome to experience their visit at their will. They have children's stuffs that they put at corners, so that children can explore the similar things as the adults. The rest of the day, we spent by visiting Museum of Childhood and also went hunting for souvenirs and once again experiencing the Royal Mile area (Edinburgh Old Town).

We love Edinburgh, the charm stayed a bit longer than I expected. The city is pretty, the building are beautiful, the view are breathtaking. I wish I could explore more around the city, because we didn't even have a chance to go to Highland (ah, too bad!). You know, it was a short trip (with a toddler and student's deadlines), a bit frustrating if we spent too much time holiday-ing while someone was abandoning his priority. I am not regretting the fact we only spent time in the city, there is always another time. By having several days exploring the city, I was happy and Iola was happy, that's more important. So, cheers to all parents who are traveling with baby/toddler/kid, have fun! :)


Melur Pinilih said…
Kangen Edinbrah! Jadi ke sana lagi kah, Vel? *ehem magnet ehem* hahaha...
novel said…
iyesss jadi!! siapppp magnet ntar dicari ya! ;)

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