19 months old toddler

this posting has been delayed for weeks, that the toddler herself is already 19 months old! this post supposed to be posted on her 18th months :D

now that she's 19 months old - one and a half year old (plus one month)- she's getting more independent. i'm trying to teach her to sleep without nursing, and so far the progress is good. often she gets angry because she wants to latch, but i ignore her and i try to be firm that she can fall asleep without latching. it takes time for sure, but in the end, she can do it.

when we go out, i try my best to let her walk by herself (although, sometimes yos disagree to let her roaming around). but it needs practice, doesn't it? if we always carry her or put her in a stroller, she won't learn to control herself and to walk calmly by our side. i still need to pull her towards the right direction, most of the time, but it's getting there *i guess*. she is now more alert whenever she walks on the roadside, she notice when there's a drop or a hole.

i feel that she's getting taller rapidly. now she can reach almost anything on the dining table, and on top of the bedroom's drawers, and kitchen counter - almost all. there are little spaces left to keep our stuffs. when she come running from other room, most of the time i got surprise because she seems very tall. (where is my little girl? >.<)

i did make a list to mark down her milestones so far, here are some of them:
1. 80 words ++ in her pocket,
2. more skillful in copying words although not quite the same yet,
3. more skillful with utensils,
4. understand the urge to poo and let me know when she needs to poo,
5. eager to help with household chores, i.e.: moping, sweeping, throwing trash into the bin, etc.,
6. good in organizing bottles in the bathroom,
7. can put back stuffs in its original position when i ask her to,
8. stack and unstack blocks,
9. familiar in alphabets (her name) and numbers (up to 10),
10. can say her first name, and now learning to say her middle name,
11. able to soothe herself to sleep (although sometimes, she's not patient enough and then demand to nurse),
12. enjoys pretend play,
13. enjoys sticker books,
14. enjoys painting,
15. loves to slide in the park,
16. eat cereal neatly.

despite the progress of skills, she became more impatient nowadays. easy to get irritated with things, one day she was eating ice cream and i was about to help her with the spoon, but she didn't like it and got angry. she refused to eat the ice cream and then cried. we are still trying to figure out what is happening to her, is this another phase? or was it just her sleepy attitude?

it's only 5 months left before she turns TWO! F I V E months! isn't it too fast???


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