my 15 months old

she's now 1.25 years old, many things have changed since she turned a year old; and that's a fascinating journey for me to be the 'audience'. from a demanding baby to a-more-able-to-self-pleased little toddler. that gives me a little space - not so much though - but enough to allow me doing household chores without being an on-call-duty mommy every minute.

she's more understandable lately when i tell her what i have to do, and why i can't accompany her to play or to watch tv. she would sit down on the sofa and watch tv by herself, or she would wander around the house finding stuffs that she could dig into (i.e.: her dad's school bag, or a drawer, or a pencil box), leaving the house into a mess (which i don't mind).
watching tv by herself.
a random thing she does.
busy reading while i do laundry.
that's one major improvement that i could be proud of (and thankful for), besides many other points of milestone that i would list below;
1. less mess during meal time. now minimal mess can be found under her table (hurray!!) and her appetite is thankfully improving. she's now learning using spoon and fork.
eating out.
2. she understand instructions, i can ask her to: close the door; take stuff and bring it to me; wake her dad up; switch on/off the light (i need to lift her up to reach the switches); help filling up the laundry bag, put it into the washing machine, and press the on button; sit down while eating; wave goodbye; shaking hand; blow a kiss; kiss her dad and me; etc.

3. she can express what she wants using words; she learns some words, i.e.: "mam" for eating, "num" for drinking, "mimik" for asking to nurse before sleep, "dudu" for asking to be seated, "nyonyon" for watching tv.

4. she learns sequences for few activities.
for example a routine before bedtime: she would close the door, pick one of her book, ask me to lift her up to bed, then we read book, after finish i bring her to switch off the light, put her under the blanket, say a prayer, then nurse her to sleep.
or a routine before meal time: she would take off her jacket, and gesturing to roll up her sleeve (if she's wearing long sleeves), then i wipe her hands using wet tissue, say some prayer, and then she is allowed to eat.

5. she enjoys the stroller. before moving to UK, stroller was just an accessories; we rarely used it because she hated being placed in it. but lately, she enjoys the ride and often she falls asleep while being pushed. we save our backs and hips, happy parents! :D
enjoying the stroller.
6. she likes to walk on her own while we are out and about. because she's now an expert in walking, so it's more enjoyable to let her explore walking outdoor. the good thing is, when she's tired, she would ask for the stroller, not the babycarrier. thank God!
an expert walker.
looking forward for another months, riding another 3 months and reach the next milestones (18 months old!). gonna take thousands of notes and pictures, for sure. keep calm and mother on :)


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