a reminder on the 31st

on the 22nd, i turned 31 years old. oh, dear Lord, what an 'achievement', yes?

these few months, i have been in my lowest condition, being stressful out of the blue, sometimes being mad on iola (because she is such a baby - well because she IS a baby), being so angry with myself because i feel lonely and no one i could talk to, being so bored to death because i feel so isolated and left behind inside the house, because bringing out a baby is so much works to do - and i prefer to skip the unnecessary works. and etc. & etc.

so many things to complain, so little self-achievements, and that's what i thought i was.

i forgot to count my blessings during 'my low', i forgot to be thankful.
when i thought i had nothing to be proud of, i forgot that i have yos and iola.
when i thought my life was so damn boring, i forgot that i am living the life i was dreaming for - i got a chance to live in the UK, for godsake!
when i thought i had so little space to move around because i have a baby to take care of, i forgot that many women out there are trying so hard to have a baby but they still couldn't get one.
and when i thought i had no dream, i just forgot that it was me who limit myself.

things i constantly forget were the wall between me and the world, between me and the thankful-me, between me and the happy-me.

once again, my birthday was the reminder of my life. the celebration of milestones i have achieved in this long life of mine. and to be honest, i have came so far - this far. i just forgot that i have walked my path far and long enough.

thanks to my beloved husband, my beautiful daughter, and good friends of mine that hold me so tight so that i don't fall, so that i don't forget, so that i remember to count my blessings - not forgetting them.

here is a warm message from my good friend, who keeps reminding me (and never forget to remind me every single year) to be thankful in life.

happy 31!


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