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Because Iola is already a year old, I thought that it’s time to start the fun sensory play. Although it can start earlier, I decided to wait because before she turned one, she still put things into her mouth. Besides, her demands were still nursing and sleeping most of the time (plus, we were too busy preparing our move-out-move-in thingy). Now, that she understands the joy of playing, therefore the so-called sensory play makes more sense for her (and for me!).

Some simple plays I did during our first month in our new dwelling, more or less I used whatever I have in the house.. because my crafting supplies were still minimal here and I didn’t want to buy too much things (you know.. moving things abroad are expensive!)

Save the animals
Need: colored paper, marker, rice, big bowl, paper cup
What I did: I draw several animals on the colored paper (can be colored, too!), then cut it. Pour the rice (can use pasta, instead of rice) into a big bowl and bury the animals under the rice. I, then, asked Iola to save the animals one by one and put them into a “safe place” (which was a paper cup).

This one is similar to “save the animals”, I changed the animals into fruits and vegetables pictures.

Hats on
Need: paper cup and ribbon
What I did: Make holes on the paper cup and tie the ribbon each on the side. Iola wore one and I wore one, then we saw ourselves on the mirror and snapped a selfie. Nowadays, she loves seeing her reflection in the mirror, therefore I’m happily dress her with accessories and then ask her to see her reflection, she would happily walk towards the mirror, see her reflection, and then smile widely.

Playing princess
Need: colored papers and glue/double sided tape
What I did: I draw an outline for the crown, measure Iola’s head, then cut it based on the measurements. Initially, I decorated the crown with pompoms and some dots from several colored paper. But in the end, Iola took all those decorations away, she was thinking that it was the rules of play.

Sticks in and sticks out
Need: colorful wooden sticks, a box, pen knife
What I did: I make holes on the top of the (shoe)box using pen knife, then I put all the wooden sticks into the holes.
Reflection: Maybe this is more advanced play. Iola was frustrated putting the wooden sticks back into the holes although she knew that she supposed to put it back into the holes. The holes were still too small for her. All in all, she was pleased for 10 mins when seeing the colorful wooden sticks, taking them out uncontrollably (too excited).. then ended up leaving the box because she couldn’t put them back in. Lol.

Moving the pompoms
Need: colorful pompoms, big bowl, paper cup/Ziploc bag
What I did: Pour pompoms into the big bowl, then ask Iola to move all the pompoms into the paper cup (it works with a Ziploc bag as well). 
Reflection: This play was quite a hit, she loved playing it every day for more than a week.

Hopefully, these would inspire you to create your own play for your little one. Rock on, mamas! :)


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