during sunday groceries. happily eating her snacks.
two days ago was her second STTN (8 hours straight!). 
i was really hopeful that she would continue that habit. unfortunately, the day after that she was just "happily" waking up as usual during her night sleep. haha! mama failed to continue happy dance..

more excited progress on this little girl:
- she's now mastering pincer grip, more interested to pick up small pieces of food rather than big chunks;
- she would say "biiibiii.." (plus tapping my body) if she wants to nurse, because i always ask "mimik?" whenever i offer her milk;
- she likes to stand by leaning on the dining table and try to reach anything on the table. so dangerous! one day, she can reach a cup and almost drop it to the floor;
- she is able to sleep on her own at night, although i still need to be on the bed with her. but at least, she can self-soothe (after a lot of rolling on the bed before finally falling asleep). it's been 4 days in a row. super yay! 
- she knows how to give her toys to me (sharing skills), when i say "mintaaa..";
- she recognize the forbidden areas. i set boundaries on the areas where she couldn't enter while she crawls, such as: kitchen and bathroom. she would stop on the door, although i was in the other room. she would make noise, though, maybe asking permission to enter. but i always boldly say, "no!". somehow, she knows and seldom break the rules.

we got an exciting news: she will be baptized soon :)


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