she's 10 months old now
now, she's able to:
- clap her hands,
- give signal when she ask for milk (she would tap any part of my body), 
- stand without support for 10secs,
- crawl in high speed, 
- flip the book on her own,
- recognize few words that she fancy - she loves her 'rainforest friends' book, and i draw several animals that are mentioned in the book and paste in on the wall. she would look at the drawing on the wall whenever i call their names,
- understand some actions that may cause something else, i.e.: the battery cover of our remote control is loose. so when the remote drops onto the floor, the cover would flip open. she knows this thing, and she start to throw all the remotes onto the floor so that the cover would drop.

by the way, two more months before she turns one year old. omg.


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