BLW and spoon-fed

since i was pregnant, i have been reading about Baby Led Weaning (BLW) and have been into it since forever. for my head (and heart), it just sounds make sense (rather than spoon-fed concept). and so there i was, throwing myself into the BLW concept, joining BLW groups, asking questions to a few mothers who are doing BLW, reading tons of articles about it, and brainwashing my head to prepare BLW on iola.

my mother and mother in law have doubts, as expected. the old generation tends to favorite spoon-fed as a part of baby's development. so, it's been quite a "battle" for me to convince them that BLW is suitable for baby and it's not dangerous. when my mom was here, i showed her tons of BLW baby pictures and videos.. and slowly but sure, she started to be more excited of the idea of giving (the real) solid food to iola, rather than puree.

but my mom's excitement didn't go along with the fear of choking, which makes me in doubt once again. as much as i am into BLW, but as a mom, definitely i won't risk any of my daughter's safety. and my mom's fear affected me, in a way. on the day we tried giving steam carrot to iola, iola still wasn't able to sit unassisted, so she sat on my lap and my mom offered her stick carrot. yes, she grabbed the carrot; and yes, she put it into her mouth and managed to bite a little bit. but a second after that, my mom threw her worry into the air, "how if she choked? how if she swallowed a big piece? how if.. etc. etc." that made me panic, so i dug into her mouth and took that small piece of carrot out. and.. that was her very first (unsuccessful) solid food.

lately, she's been better in sitting up; although still not sitting up herself, but she's able to sit upright on my/yos' lap. her back is straight up and her neck is strong enough to support her head. we decided to let her grab one cucumber from yos' plate when we were eating out, just to see whether she will be able to treat the cucumber as food, not toy. and, yay, she could! the cucumber was hard, though, so she just sucked on it for minutes and gave up on it.

she's 6 months and 2 weeks now, and we haven't started solid yet. yos is a little bit worried about the supply of nutrition, although my gut feeling says it's still okay to wait till she's ready to do BLW, which maybe took her another month to master sitting up by herself. while contemplating for few days, i waited and examined her development on sitting. few days ago, i decided to try both BLW and spoon fed - while waiting for her to master the sitting up skill, then do full BLW.

these two days, i let her sit on my lap and then put some half-peeled bananas on the table in front of her. in the beginning, she didn't understand and wasn't interested to take it. so, i helped her by bringing the bananas closer to her. with a few trials, she was able to grab it and put it into her mouth, sucked the banana, a little bite, then chewed, and a little gagging when she tried to swallow it. bravo, big girl! 

to combine BLW, i made her puree from avocado, banana, and breastmilk, which she took it well too.
by taking note that each babies are different, i will just go with the flow on giving her solid. will see how it goes, depending on her development. as we all know, parents just want to give the best for their babies. i am learning not to be too strict on being a BLW-mom, it's not something that can be judged right or wrong, it's just an option that i can take as a parent. whether or not it's successful, it depends on the child herself.

so, to mark her 6th month; welcome to solid food, baby girl! :)


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