Giving Birth in Singapore (From a Foreigner's View)

The motivation behind this posting is to provide easier calculation for soon-to-be-parents (esp.  foreigners) to prepare their financial before the D-day. I, myself, was surprised by the fact that I was pregnant right away after got married; which made us having little time to plan our financial and to study our options.

It was a blur step when we just took our friend's advice to go to certain hospital with the preliminary knowledge that it's good and cheap (good deal, rite?); because based on their experiences years ago, it's one of the best women and children hospital. But, it's few years ago.
In the end, after further research and reading reviews from the other parents, seems like the chosen hospital isn't that cheap anymore. Thankfully, we were having quite a good experience in the hospital we chose, and no regret at all. 

Basically, I took note on the following items when I did my calculation:

  1. Gynae's consultation fee, most of the specialists' consultation fee in Singapore is base on $80 per session;
  2. Consultation package after certain weeks (usually, gynae will offer a package in which providing you cheaper consultation fees for several sessions until the D-day);
  3. Delivery fee; comparing prices for normal delivery (assisted or non-assisted), scheduled caesarian delivery, and emergency caesarian delivery - normally, E-C sect will cost you double;
  4. Hospital fee (inclusive which ward we want), it's separate from the gynae's fee. We could arrange a hospital tour to see the rooms and in the same time we can ask more questions to the hospital's guy regarding all the details we need to know. Here is the link for Thomson Medical's maternity package;
  5. Pain relief options and the prices (i.e.: epidural (+/- $1000), laughing gas, water tub, etc.) - and also knowing the risks of each option, this should be discussed with the gynae;
  6. Pediatrician's fee (the range is $500 - $1300)- learn on which peds are available in the hospital we choose, read all the reviews by other parents. Upon admitting to the hospital, nurse will ask whether we want to choose our own ped or let hospital choose for us.

Several weeks before my due date, the nurse from my gynae's clinic handed me a sheet of estimated calculation I might need to pay:
Normal delivery / 2-3 nights stay
Consultation Fees / Gynae's Hospital Visit : $600 - $900
Procedure / Surgical Operation Fees : $1600 - $3000
Labour Management Fee : $300 - $1000
Hospital ward (two bedded) : $3000 - $6000
Anesthetist : $500 - $1300
Paediatrician : $500 - $1300
Estimated total delivery cost is: $6500 - $13500 (before GST)

My preliminary estimation was below the clinic's estimation cost, because there are several miscellaneous items I wasn't familiar with. Honestly, I feel like I should thank my gynae's clinic because they "warned" me for this estimated amount, this made us more prepared. I also asked from several mommies from facebook group to share their delivery cost, for comparison - some pay way much more, some pay much much lesser. We, ourselves, ended up paying less than the clinic's estimation cost, due to the absence of pain relief usage (you can message me if you want to know how much we pay, will share it to you in private).

What I'm trying to say is, you can enjoy and relax during your pregnancy (you must!), but don't be too relax till you forget what's on the table. It's real and can be a pain in the ass if it's not well-prepared. Good financial plan can bring you much more enjoyable 40-weeks-of-pregnancy.

Keep calm and plan well, mommies! :) 


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