her nails are getting longer (again) in a blink, she was starting to scratch her face (again).
we, then, decided to cut her nails while she's latching.
yos' first touch, iola's eyes suddenly opened and her face was shocked.
i knew it. "do you cut her finger?" i looked at yos sharply.
then, it was blood. and blood. and more blood. and of course, the super loud crying sound.

i googled (of course i did!) : "what should we do if we accidentally cut baby's finger?".
band aid, it says. yos' disagreed and removed the one i've already applied.

we applied ice cubes wrapped in washcloth.
and.. more blood.

so, we ran to A&E.
guess, what did they give us?
BAND AID! (and alcohol)

there it goes, $100.
dr. pradeep said, "don't worry, things happen."
and yes, i did a better job wrapping her finger with band aid rather than the emergency's nurse.


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