thank you.

sending my parents home yesterday, and i was crying like a little girl who lost her rabbit doll (read: crying so hard for the first time since i-don't-know-when). it was a sentimental moment for me (esp. with my mom), which i thought i would never be in that position.
mom has been with us for two months, being here when i gave birth, when i was starting to be a mother, when i was in confusion on how to take care of iola, when i was so tired and lack of sleep. she was here, helping me with the household chores, giving me advises, cooking meals for lunch and dinner - although she dislikes cooking, and worrying me enough although i'm almost 30 years old.

thank you, mom.
i'm gonna miss you like never before.
thank you, mom.
for beating your fear flying in a plane, and being here for us.

thank you, iola.
for being born to the world and giving me opportunity to have an unforgettable mother-daughter moments with your grandmother.

thank you God, for the priceless two months.

*still sobbing*


sullyayu said…
aku jd sedih bacanya mba, tante hebat bgt!! muah2 mama Novel :*
novel said…
muah muah, mbakkk.. :*

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