marking another milestone. she's 4 weeks old today.
for the past one week, she's been more cranky than before. keep waking up every hour or so and demanding for milk - the cheeks are chubbier :)

things that she's now capable of:
- observing her surroundings; 3 or 4 weeks old baby's vision is clearer, they can see the difference of light and dark, so that they can differentiate shapes or figures.
- grumbling; we realise that she try to communicate with us during her tantrum one night, because we were late feeding her. once i offered her my breast, she rejected and continued crying loudly. when she finally accepted my offer, she grumbled in between the sucking (sounds more like 'scolding' me because i was so late). starting from that night, she is keeping the attitude and grumble whenever she feels hungry and too sleepy. waaaay too cute (everyone in the house - my mother, yos, and me - were so entertained when she's doing it :D). 

don't grow up so fast, darling :*


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