Review | Stretch Mark Cream: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter vs Elancyl

From the beginning of my pregnancy, my friend recommended Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula to prevent stretch mark. At first, I didn't give a fuss about the appearance of these stretch mark, simply because I haven't seen one because my tummy didn't grow that fast. I, myself, started using Palmer's due to the dry and itchy skin, which started on the 3rd month. I went to doctor quite few times, and they gave me generic medicine to cure the itchy skin on my arm and thigh, but not on my tummy.

It was when I started trying Palmer's Soothing Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin. I used this products quite some times, until my tummy's skin stopped being so itchy, I think because it just stopped stretching and adapted to the pregnancy condition. It helped a lot to soothe the itchiness, because I am the kind of person who couldn't help myself to scratch! Usually, after applying Palmer's Soothing Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin, it will be followed by applying Massage Cream for Stretch Mark, this cream is for stretch mark itself. After there was no more itch, I only applied the Massage Cream for Stretch Mark.

These ritual has always been done after shower and/or before bedtime. I love the cocoa smell and even one time Yos was joking that he was about to lick the applied skin because of the tempting chocolate smell. This unique cream is the blend of pure cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, and  Bio C-Elaste®.

I have tried another form of Palmer's Stretch Mark cream, which is Spray Lotion for Stretch Mark. It gives me calming sensation when I apply it on my skin; but since it's more liquid than the cream, I always feel like I have to spray more to make it long lasting --- which makes me finish the whole bottle quite fast.

Up to my 8th months, I have no stretch mark at all on my tummy. It is dry sometimes, but free from those moms-to-be's biggest enemy.

Coming to the last month of the pregnancy, I was looking for Palmer's to replace my empty tub; was asking to the shop assistance for stretch mark cream, then he brought me to another product called Elancyl, from Paris, which is used by many famous actresses (he said so). At first, I didn't buy the persuading approach by him, because in my view, usually they would just sell whatever more expensive than what the customer wants to buy. Then, he asked me to try it on my hand, I did try it. The smell was different, of course, it was lighter and refreshing because it contains safflower oil and vitamin E; moreover it's not too greasy. The persuasive shop assistance gave me his last shot, "it's buy 1 get 1 free!" (at that time, my calculative mind did the math, it's cheaper than one tub of Palmer's); it was no harm trying it since it can be used up to 4 months after pregnancy as well.

My dry and itchy skin is back for weeks now, because the tummy is in its gigantic phase right now. I applied Elancyl after shower (morning and evening), and plus before bedtime - so it's mostly three times daily, if I couldn't bear the itchiness - although only two times per day is the recommended timing.

So far so good. It is grease-free, which is easier for me to get dress after applying the lotion, without worrying my skin will be very sticky to the clothes. The smell is just like other body lotion, and it doesn't really attract attention from the people around me (plus, I have stopped using perfume since I got pregnant, so the lotion smell helps to gives me nice refreshing body smell in the morning).

Both products are excellent for me - I am stretch mark free until now (at least!).
But, based on expertise's research, stretch marks appearance depends on individuals. So, there is no guarantee if by using these products will prevent you from getting the stretch marks. Please do try to smell the product before buying, sometimes it's based on preferences. Some pregnant women are sensitive to certain smell in early months, therefore some products aren't too suitable to be used.

Happy trying and have a great pregnancy time.



Svetlana Cuss said…
I use dermalmd stretch mark serum on my face as a moisturizer and I use it on my tummy for stretch marks. I feel like it definitely has helped to reduce their appearance and it leaves my skin feeling great.

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