recipe | easy steak at home

since my doctor had been requesting me to eat more meat and vegetables, instead of cookies and carbs; i've been trying to eat as per instructed. and lately, within one week time, i ate beef steak twice at home. it's fast and very easy to cook steak at home, especially if you're not so fuzzy about the spices needed to be put on the meat. yos and me are happy enough with salt, pepper, and garlic, so we don't really bother to add in more ingredients on our meat.

i used gordon ramsay's youtube video about cooking his infamous steak, and it worked quite well. *dancing*

here's how.

recipe: beef home-steak
(serving: 2)

400-500 gr meat (i used wagyu beef, about 2cm thick)
black pepper
4 cloves of garlic, smashed (you don't need to peel it)
unsalted butter
olive oil
rosemary (dried or fresh)

1. coat the meat with salt and pepper evenly.
2. heat the pan. and when it's hot enough, put the butter on the pan. let it melt.
3. put the meat on the pan, and let it cook for 1 min for each side. make sure you coat the meat with butter (even on its sides).
4. add on the smashed garlic. and if you think you need more oil, just add on olive oil to the pan.
5. add in rosemary leaves. and cook for another 2 mins for each side.
6. if you want medium steak, you can check the doneness by pressing the meat with your thong (slightly firmer and springy). and by the way, my steak above is well done, and i like it to be a little bit overcooked.
7. your steak is now ready!
8. i added sauteed baby carrot, baby corn, and asparagus on side. and also, store-bought steak dressing.


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