happy vesak day and week 27

happy vesak day, dear friends!
we had a long weekend in singapore and that's quite a benefit for me to give my body some rest the whole weekend.

long weekend staying at home, just because the weather was just too hot.
we decided to linger at home, to take a nap whenever we can, and to avoid going out if it's not really necessary. surprisingly, we did really good. napping was really luxurious during weekday, and we just did it every several hours.. felt so good!

other than napping; i cooked, we ate ice creams, we cleaned the house until it smells really nice, we did the laundry (because it was already irritating seeing the pile of dirty clothes) and the weekly groceries, we got some company from a dear friend and her cute daughter, i did some creative (unnecessary) artsy things, and we watched our team win their second in a row FA cup silverware! what a weekend, indeed :)

pregnancy updates
13 weeks to go, ladies and gentleman! it's been quite a long way to get here, and i'm somehow in between the feeling of wanting to see my baby soon and wanting to keep it inside my womb longer.
by this time, several things had been done and some other things are still going on.. while other (tons) of things are still pending - waiting for the right time to be done.

things done
1. baby's first name - check
2. baby's basic clothing - check
3. basic bathing's need - check
4. deciding maternity leave period - check

antenatal check up and monthly check up

done this during the 21st week, we did it in the hospital - unlike the monthly routine which is usually done in the obgyn's clinic nearby our house. basically they checked all the necessary things regarding the baby's health, such as heart size, blood circulation, size of the head, fingers and toes, etc.
and during this check up, we finally knew the gender of our baby :)

and recently, i just paid a visit for the monthly check up at the clinic and i could see my baby's face! i feel that the face will resemble the father, instead of mine. the baby's weight now is 919 grams, can't believe that 1 kg is only less than 100 grams away.
antenatal's result.
the picture on the right above is showing the baby's face, which actually can be seen quite clearly if you see it directly.
pains and discomforts
lately, i have been facing quite a number of discomfort, especially during the night sleep; legs cramp, hard to fall asleep, heart burn, back pain, etc. thankfully, the childbirth education course we've been signing in taught me how to stretch and deal with the pains during late pregnancy, it's been helpful to teach me how to release the pains - mostly, it's the mister who do the massaging whenever i mumble due to the pain.

dry skin
the driest skin is my belly and the worst time is after bath. i'm so scared to look at my belly skin, as if it's going to explode.. whenever i scratch it a little, i can hear sounds like i am scratching paper. via reading pregnancy articles, most women are afraid of stretch mark - in which makes me can't stop thinking about it; so i can't help myself but to buy stretch mark lotion.
better to do something, before it happens.
i buy stretch mark lotion from palmer's, which is commonly used among pregnant woman. to complete the purchase, i added in body milk and oil for dry and itchy skin. after applying palmer's to my skin, it actually help a lot to reduce the dryness and itchiness; but after taking shower and when the lotion is washed away, the dry skin comes back.
my skin's savior!
taking picture week by week
in the earlier times, i didn't think that it's necessary to take pictures every week, because there was no significant change on my belly. but then, started on week 19 onward, my belly grew so fast that i finally thought it's nice to capture this change and some time later this would be a sweet documentation for myself. so, here i am, joining the week-by-week-snapping-the-bumpie!
pardon my bumpie picture :D

hospital tour, (another) baby fair, and birth plan
we joined a hospital tour last weekend, hoping that we could get clearer pictures on how things happen on before and during the labor; a little confusing for us when it comes to administration stuffs and the fee charges. during the tour, the hospital's lady explained clearly on all the things we wanted to ask, which is very helpful for the first timer parents-to-be (foreigner) like us. we noted down what should be done and booked before the due date, and then estimate the fee we should pay.
hospital's brochure.
at some points, i am turning into a kiasu mama, i am signing up for baby products' free samples and hunting for baby fair (looking for cheaper prices). i don't know whether it happens to every new mother, or it is just me. so, whenever there is a baby fair or exhibition or sale, i drag yos to go there and buy stuffs in cheaper prices; and it happened last weekend! :))

then, birth plan is another thing; this is a new stuff i found out months ago. at first, i really didn't have any idea what birth plan is and decided to ignore it. then, seems like it is a common practice here, in which i think i better prepare it to avoid unnecessary things done during the labor (i imagine, it will be a chaos time and we will have no energy to think clearly in between the pains and contractions).
basically, birth plan is a sheet that explain our concerns and wishes to the nurses, midwives, and doctors who are caring for us during labor and birth. it describes how you would like labor and birth to be managed, the kind of support you'd like, such as a doula, and your preferences for comfort measures and interventions. you can find more about birth plan in here.

and, the most comforting statement i heard during my hospital tour was that the hospital respect every patient's birth plan and they will follow it as much as they can :)


let's buckle up for the next one and half month without a long weekend! the next 'free' holiday would be during hari raya on july (and there will be arsenal matches live in singapore! yippie!). hang on, people.. let's ride the days, happily :)


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