happy easter and weeks 19

i was planning to post the updates of the pregnancy story on the 20th weeks, but seems like i won't be able to do it since next week i'll be flying off to my hometown. one week earlier for the half way to the full circle of pregnancy, that would do the same :)

.. about easter
happy Easter, you! you! you! and you! may you had a blessed day and hopefully you renewed yourself to do better in serving Jesus :)
flowers for home
easter's weekend home-cooked food (might need to post the recipes later)
we had blessed days, by meeting families and friends.. although we're far from home, but we have our little "family" here.. and that would be more than enough to be thankful for :) we met for a movie, for a dinner and quick catch up with yos' cousin and our little cute niece, and even gathered for arsenal's game and late night supper at nearby's hip vietnamese restaurant.
meet and greet with yos' cousin after good friday service; mbak mila + her husband, hendi + their daughter, aurelia
goners watching gunners, doing the gunning.
what a wonderful night, watching your team winning big on long weekend!
.. about week 19
now that i'm in the second trimester, everything is getting more relax and easier to handle, i guess. no more nausea and vomiting; the only thing left that makes me uneasy is the anxiety in gaining weight (4 kgs in 4 weeks, who wouldn't worry about it? even my gynae also warned me about it!).

in the end, i bought a weighing scale (after years living without it, now i need one) to control the weight gain. and since i am always paranoid, every morning and every night i would step on it and watch the number. magically, it works! now i could control my number, i try to eat banana for snack instead of bread, i try not to eat if i am not too hungry, and i do yoga every weekends. am trying so hard to gain only max. 500 grams per week, happy and healthy mama which means happy and healthy baby :)

.. about the preparation
20 weeks means another milestone. it's the half way. we, ourselves, are preparing several things to welcome another halfway down:

1. signing up for the childbirth education course (which required minimum 20 weeks of pregnancy to join the class)
my friend recommended this course to me earlier, but i didn't know exactly what course it is, until i browsed myself in a singapore internet forum. many women recommend this course, especially for those who are in the first pregnancy. the course is being held by thomson medical with 6 weeks duration, once a week, and the lesson is varies from antenatal exercise to baby care.

2. more frequent communicating with the baby
based on my reading, from week 18 baby actually can start hearing voices; that's why every time yos has time, at night i ask him to sing children church song to my belly. and we laugh every time he forget the lyrics, then he would just make up some funny lyrics to fill the blanks :D

we also bought belly buds, so that i could play songs for the little one in my belly (and by the way, we can also record our voices online and then download it from the website via voiceshare. quite cool, rite? communicating with the unborn child is now possible! hoho). using common earphones or headphones is not recommended, because the volume isn't suitable for babies. by far, i only played the songs i downloaded for free - as a complimentary from bellybuds.com - and also norah jones' songs, soothing and slow music to introduce the baby to (good) music.
and by the way, it works well. the baby is kicking hard when i put this on my belly :) i guess the music makes him/her happy inside.
3. listing down baby's needs
i know it's still early.. but better to be prepared rather than rushing in the end! this is the thing that i worry the most, because it seems like a lot (A LOT) of things need to be bought, have to be prepared beforehand, and we have to choose the right one with the right quality (which is not so easy). so, i've been using this essential baby shopping guide as a reference (it's in bahasa), so that i have a list to follow and to check. it's really helpful, it makes us know where to go and what to search.
and fortunately, this friday to sunday (10-12 april 2015), there will be the biggest baby fair in singapore (hurrahh!)! so, we're preparing ourself to be a little bit kiasu with other mommies-and-daddies-to-be out there, haha!

4. knitting a blanket
finally, i started to learn knitting.. so excited to finish my first blanket, although i'm only at the 5th row, it's already showing the pattern and the fluffiness; even yos is happy seeing the knitting goes on.

5. list of names
believe it or not, we have been doing it since weeks 10! so excited to prepare a name, so that we keep all the name we can think of in one long list.

6. start to think about days after the baby is born
this is the hardest task, because we're still looking for choices on how we're going to go through. whether i could go back to work and leave the baby with 'someone', in which we still have no idea whom it will be; or i quit my job (hopefully my boss will be kind enough to let me work from home) and take care of the baby at home; or etcetera and etcetera.
we're writing down the options, while thinking which one is the very best.


hopefully, you had a great weekend and also will have a great week ahead!



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