recipe | green curry chicken

in my early days living abroad, i was building a skeptical view for other countries' food, because i found out that singapore's dishes were tasteless. it shaped my opinion that the best dish is indonesian food (until now, it still is), so other country food would be the same taste as singapore's dishes - not good and not worth to be tried.

THANKFULLY, my tongue did a good job in adapting the environment and i could finally 'taste' singapore's dishes. that adaptation brought me to other country's food, made be brave enough to try. the first trial was thai food, and it was such an enlightenment to my very primitive food knowledge that there are much more than indonesian food in this world. lol. (i am indeed a stubborn girl, you may say)

my very first discovery were green curry chicken (which i found it similar to indonesian's opor), it became my favorite thai food till now.

after years of ordering green curry chicken from thai food restaurant, months ago i tried to make my own green curry chicken by baking it, it was a successful trial (i posted a photo before)! and few days ago, i tried again, by improving the recipe - using the stove instead of oven.. and again, we nailed it (yes, i cooked together with yos)! it was a satisfying dinner in saturday night; just the two of us, home-cooked food, and grey's anatomy on screen :)


recipe: Green Curry Chicken
(serving: 2)


- chicken fillet, 200 gr
- garlic, 1 tsp thinly sliced
- red onion, 2 pcs, thinly sliced
- red chili, 3 pcs (or as desire)
- ginger, grated 1 tsp
- small potatoes, 4 pcs, cut in cubes
- green curry paste, 1 tbsp
- chicken stock, 3/4 cup
- coconut milk, 200ml
- tomato, 1 pcs, cut into 8 pcs
- salt and pepper
- fried tofu, 4pcs, to cut in cube (optional)


- marinate the chicken with ginger and enough garlic. roast the chicken in 200 deg. C for 15-20mins (or until cooked), do not overcooked the chicken; check regularly to make sure.
(as alternative, you can just boil the chicken with water until it's cooked)
- meanwhile, boil the potato with chicken stock in medium pot until the potato become soft.
- when the chicken is cooked, cut the chicken in cube. and add in to the pot of potato and chicken stock.
- add in onion, curry paste, red chili, and coconut milk into the pot, in medium heat . stir to mix.
- add in salt and pepper, to taste.
- add in the fried tofu and stir for few more minutes.
- serve with warm jasmine white rice.


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