baby girl and baby boy.

people keep telling me that i'm having a boy, based on my appearance and the shape of my belly (how to notice the belly's shape? i don't even know..). despite the gender, we're happy to have a girl or a boy, it will make no difference of the amount of joy when we see her/him.

i tell yos that i don't want pink or blue stuffs to identify the gender, so we will stick to the universal colors. personally, i want to make it all grey and white, mmm.. and a little black here and there. you know, dark and twisty color. (haha!) but it's okay to have yellow and green, as well. fortunately, yos is a little bit sane than me, he suggests to pick 'scandinavian' colors, which gives us more options to choose (not only grey, white, or black).

while waiting to know the gender, we're excited to look for cute baby clothing (actually, it's more of my excitement, yos is just going with the flow since he's a guy - clothing is not his thing). so here i am, crazily browsing for those baby clothes (in which i have started months ago to collect the cute babies picture via pinterest), and i save almost ALL pictures i like.. though i don't know what it is for.

here are some of my favourite, and.. as always, etsy has always the best option to look for something different and original. don't you think?

oh please, stop me..


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