a hello in the almost-end of february.

finally i have the nerve and strength to post something here. hello!

it's my 13th week of pregnancy (horraayyyy! i'm pregnant!), all the nausea and vomiting phase had already passed; and that's something to celebrate of course.

to be honest, those last few weeks were terrible (esp. up to 10 weeks) and no fun at all, i wasn't able to:
- eat well,
- drink plain water (or drink a lot of liquid),
- standing for too long - or i would get the nausea,
- cooking / baking,
- smell the toothpaste/body lotion/body wash/any smell of home-cleaning liquid,
- watching tv more than 15 mins,
- going out for a movie :(((,
- doing my usual stuffs: taking pictures, because i just didn't have the pleasure of doing it; i'd preferred to sleep all day long to avoid the nausea.

i wasn't myself, and i was so afraid that it would happen the whole 9 months. i did google A LOT, even if there was only one tiny thing happened to me, i still googled - paranoid, i guess. furthermore, few weeks ago, i got UTI (urine tract infection) and high fever for 5 days, it was so scary and i was so worry it would affect my baby. well, hopefully, everything would be just okay now that i am able to gain my strength and starting to be my oldself again (i even started to cook again!) :)

beside google as my source of information - living far from my mother kinda makes me clueless, i bought pregnancy books: "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" by Glade B. Curtis & Judith Schuler and "What to Expect When You're Expecting" by Heidy Murkoff. both are good books to read, it provide enough information about what you need to know about pregnancy, including the complication that might happen during that 9 months, best food to eat, and also changes in the body that happen week per week. haven't finished them yet, though, but so far, i'm satisfied with it; at least i have my 'bible' to rely on while i'm 'motherless' for the whole pregnancy. am also thinking to buy other lighter pregnancy books recommended by her; looks really fun to read funny books with real stories, other than pregnancy-fact books.

the fun part of the book, it tells you the actual size of the baby up to 12 weeks :)
and the highlight of this phase, by far, is the doctor-visiting moment: only because it's ultrasound scan time! i dropped my tears the first time the doctor did the scan (although it's vaginal, which i don't feel comfortable enough doing it), she turned on the sound mode and we could hear the heartbeat. finally the first time i was able to believe that it's a real deal, there is something (or someone) inside my fat tummy.
it's the first ultrasound scan.
the bottom picture shows the baby's heartbeat. :)
i'm almost in the end of the first trimester, and can't be thankful enough to Him for bringing me (or us) up to this point. when i was almost giving up because i didn't think i am strong enough to bear the annoying nausea-and-vomiting phase (if you think it's not as bad as it's being told by pregnant ladies, believe me.. it's awful), i held on - simply because i know He wouldn't let me down.

still have 2/3 of the journey.. yay! buckle up and enjoy!


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