better late than never

i know.. it's been past more than a week to say greet Merry Christmas, and it's one day late to say Happy New Year. but, nothing stops me to say it out loud to y'all, so..


hopefully, you had a warm Christmas with families and friends, and also a colourful midnight welcoming the new year of 2015.

a sum up.. i had a great year of 2014. i married my best friend and i got another great family from Yos. for that, i thank God deeply.

the upcoming year is still 363 days left. we have talked about some dreams to be chased - since, the wedding has been done well, it's time to start fresh and start planning again from zero to chase another dreams - and we will do our best to make it happen (finger crossed!).

not so much dreaming of traveling for the next journey, preferred to do some basic stuffs to built a married life and developing our own knowledges. perhaps, some people will say it'll be a bit setback for our adventurous' life, but i bet it'll be worth to sacrifice.

whatever happens in 2015, let us do our best to make it the most!
cheers for the new year!

taken in Pokhara last december.
hopefully the next days will be seen like this in our eyes - full of hopes.

p.s.: we started the year with a little loss, we'll take it as a lesson to be more careful in daily life basis.


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