last deepavali @ farrer park - little india

i remember the day i arrived here almost 3 years ago, brought my stuffs in a car driven by a guy named Mr Peck. was being helped by yos to bring up my stuffs and the landlord placed me at 3rd storey, in a room with courtyard's view from the window. after a month, she let me know that the bigger room at 4th storey was available. so, i once again, moved my stuffs up and settled there until now.

this area has been so nice to me. i am happy living here, surrounded by indian people doesn't bother me that much. so far so good, nothing bad ever happened to me and/or to people i know. the building is a home for more than a dozen of people, and we never complained and reported a crime.

this is our last deepavali in farrer park-little india.

i skipped my previous deepavalis, first one we escaped to bali and the second one we escaped to srilanka. we had our reason, though, we were trying to avoid the loud festival which usually held in front of our building. it was sooo loud that i can't stand to stay at home the whole day - usually it happened till midnight for days. and surprisingly, this year, when we had no plan to escape, the music festival wasn't there. magic! it was a bit quiet day, though, and didn't feel like deepavali.. and i kinda hoped there was a festival, for sentimental reasons.

we strolled around since late afternoon and waited till it was dark enough to capture the lightings along the upper serangoon road and race course road. it was how much we didn't want to waste the time we have here. little india-farrer park, you will be missed.


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