sleman weekend

last weekend was quite special..

i visited Yogya to attend Yos' cousin wedding ceremony - his cousin lived in US and married an American. what surprised me and amazed me the most was the venue they chose; it was so beautiful and very well designed (architecture-wise and interior-wise). the story that Yos' mom told me that the wedding venue- which is rumah sleman - is own by a filthy-rich woman whom also own similar houses in jakarta.

because the wedding was held in a "house", the wedding's ambiance that i encountered was very warm and intimate. people greeted each other, hugged, shook hands, and even kissed. exchanging stories and updating the recent life's achievement was part of the event, it felt like an family reunion within the wedding.. we were free to be in any part of the house, or to sit in the sofa or chair, to be in the park while smoking, or just hanging out at the front veranda. there were no rules, because it's not a kind of wedding where people were gathered in only one exact place, the whole house was the venue. so lovely!

the wedding ceremony itself held in traditional javanese way, with some rituals i wasn't familiar with, but then once again, it was an experience worth to be seen and learned. i was excitedly holding a clay money to buy dawet from the parents of the bride and groom. and asked whether i could keep one as a souvenir :) then i was roaming around to explore the house, guided by Yos' mom, adoring each rooms inside the house and also amazed by all the small little decorative stuffs in the house. it was pretty, pretty, and pretty! a traditional javanese house with touches of chinese and dutch ornaments, we can feel the high class taste in every steps we took.

one additional place to adore is rumah palagan. it's where we stayed for two nights. one impression i caught was peaceful. the place was perfect for a short hiding during weekend, it's quite far from the crowd and the surrounding is very quiet, need not to worry about the road's noise and vehicles' machine crowd. i was in the right pocket, safe and warm, in the morning, the staffs were walking around cleaning the house with their traditional clothes and the low-volume javanese tune was played as a backsound. it was more than perfect way to feel more javanese than before :)

rumah sleman's front elevation
(photo courtesy:
western lobby of rumah aleman
(photo courtesy:

this is where they took the wedding vow
siraman took place here
where the guests were chatting during the night of siraman's day
(photo courtesy: Tante Lucy)
cozy verandah
(photo courtesy: Tante Lucy)
rumah palagan's lobby area
rumah palagan's dining area
p.s.: pardon for the inconsistency of photos' size and colour tone. and yes, i have a problem with that..


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