jakarta, one day without a private vehicle

i was absolutely amazed on how much we could explore without a car to ride. and surprisingly, all things in the list can be done, without the moaning and roaring about the shitty traffic in jakarta, super surprising! all these time, i complained on how much jakartans use private cars and yet i'm still use one; and in my defense, i'm not a jakartan for now and i only have limited time in the city to make all the things done.

anyway, all in all, a day without a private vehicle really went well. we found new corners that might not be able to be found if we rode a car. we walked and then stopped whenever we wanted; we entered some interesting places spontaneously - without worrying where to park. less trouble, more effective time-spent, and the most important feeling is the freedom to make choice within seconds.

exhibition at galeri antara with the title of "kisah anak-anak serigala"

one corner at pasar baru
pasar baru
this is my achievement! successfully dragged him into a saloon and made him cut his hair, just because a saloon happened to be located in front of our nose when we were walking along the street of benhil. hallelujah! :D
food-grabbed. happy stomach.
if only jakarta could remain so friendly like last weekend, i would love to stay. <3 comment-3--="">


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