the saturday, the meet-and-greet, the walking, and the night

last saturday was pretty exciting, if i must conclude. there are three major items that played the parts of that excitement;
#1 BIG news from a friend which made me giggle the whole day;
#2 met a never-met-before friend. i knew him from Fajar, but never really met him in person. we're facebook friends, greet each other on birthday and changing compliments for photos we upload, but we never met! funny, though.. so when we met, it was like we already quite know each other;
#3 made an appointment to meet my ex-colleague, Tere, for the singapore night festival!

not gonna share the big news, though ;) will let him announce it himself. and not going to talk much about the meet-and-greet-with-Calvin thingy.. but more on the singapore night festival.

one of the small thing i like about this country is its annual festivals. most of the festivals are not that fancy - if you think it's soooo huge and sooooo cool, it's not - but it's more than enough to make you sane in between the insanity of daily life. something to look forward, at least; and something to refresh the mind.

singapore night festival usually happens during this period (august), for several weeks, with the performances are scheduled during weekends. it's quite interesting, as we can see some changes have been made to the city's appearances, with some lights on the building's facades and some lighting installations which are spreading at different spots. singapore national museum is also open to public until midnight and there are few seasonal exhibition to explore.

from time to time, the most interesting point is always the lighting at buildings facades. when at usual night, i only see white-scary-building, because most of them are heritage buildings, now i can see it in colour and more "alive". although, it will be much much prettier if: it applies to all buildings in the city, ain't it? maybe next year? optimistic though! ;)
(by far, it only happens near Bras Basah and Dhoby Ghaut areas, which is only one small area)

these efforts to make singapore night festival happens annually is priceless. thank you!

you can see what's happening in festival from this Singapore Night Festival web.

and here is the festival guide (download from the web also possible!).

we did the walking tour on saturday night and only managed to catch one live performance. other than that, the lighting performances on the SAM's facade is very interesting, the schedule is every 3 minutes till 2am.

some of the photos i took during our walking tour (and also the day before).


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