mountain & beach

last encountering mountain: Mount Belumut, 2010.
last encountering beach (inclusive staying and playing at the beach): Pulau Seribu, 2011

it feels like ages ago..

i was skipping mountain and beach in choosing traveling options, lately. i, myself, don't understand the reason. we mostly stayed in the 'flat ground' and roamed around the city or, if we do, we visit beach only as one of the tourism destination for maybe one or two hours.

and some of us feel the same way like i did, counting how many months have been passed since the last time we visited mountain and beach. ages ago.

so let me say that these two months were my (/our) two breaking points, where i (/we) could relieve the longing to feel the mountain beauty dan the sea breeze.

Mount Bromo, May 2014
Bintan, May-June 2014

thank you may and june!


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