saw this on Bluebird blog, and I thought this is a pretty nice list to fill in. in a few days or weeks, i might need to see this list and do some checks on what's been done and what's still pending.

try to do your own ;)

Eating / less fat food. ideally, i have to be thinner by the end of this month. and have to be extra slimmer in the upcoming months. but, so far, i didn't take too much efforts on dieting, only few days with no dinner and having full-dinner on weekends. plus, i have been skipping too much jogging schedule.
Drinking / smoothies.
Practicing / baking doughnuts.
Mastering / the art of focusing on targets.
Learning / weaving.
Trying / to ignore what people say.
Playing / with friends. it's been lesser time to hangout and play with friends, instead i had too much time to bake at home.
Finishing / portfolio.
Reading / tons of magazines.
Remembering / to take note all of the above (and below).
Wearing / overall pants and statement necklaces.
Cooking / chicken pot pie.
Working / more.
Traveling / on a fasting phase right now. am taking a break now and focusing on a bigger plan. finger-crossed.
Wanting / a terrarium.


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