weekend euphoria

last weekend was unforgettable.
it was epic. enough saying.

arsenal won a silverware.

till today, i still bring the euphoria in my heart, and my head is still replaying the minutes when the whistle blown and they all ran around the field to celebrate their victorious moment. the moment they lifted the cup and those smiles in the faces that have been worked hard the whole season. priceless.


if you're not a football fan, bear with me for a while. and allow me to share tv screen shots that i took during that unforgettable moment. only for a while. 

that was 3am and we were wide awake with blood rushing into the head! a gooners' night, for sure.

well, that's all for arsenal (and let's move on to the coming world cup).

let me go back to the kitchen talking :D i made enchiladas! not really enchilada if i must say, since i couldn't find enchilada sauce in the supermarket. i substituted enchilada sauce with taco sauce and substituted chipotle chilli with red chilli (plus red chilli flakes) - it was really fine enchiladas and we enjoyed every single bite!

let me know if you want the recipe, i'll be happy to share ;)


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