sing-jazz festival 2014

“Jazz is restless. It won’t stay put and it never will” -Trombonist J.J. Johnson

there are two reasons why i was so excited attending this festival; 1. incognito; and 2. india arie. although the other performances were as outstanding as those two, but what amused me the most were still them.

frankly speaking, singapore jazz festival is still faraway from java jazz festival in indonesia, but they actually did their job well enough. i was quite surprise with the venue they chose, though, but it turned out to be soooo good! they occupied the marina bay sands' event plaza that facing marina bay. so, imagine this.. while listening the top quality jazz, i actually could drink beers or white wine (well, okay, i don't drink.. but i could imagine it) while watching the beautiful sunset.. how amazing is that?

quoting india arie, "i have never been performed in an outdoor stage that has a scenery as beautiful as this (singapore's skyline)!" - and yes, indeed, it was something that they could hold on to create the much better festival next year. i can't hardly wait to see it!

here are little wrap ups (crappy quality photos, though. sorry for that!) of my two days attendance in the festival (the festival itself is scheduled for 4 days in a row).

dirty loops
-their music was quite awesome.. only until they played justin bieber's song. haha! 

natalie cole

pure musicians, indeed!

allen stone 

james morrison 

india arie
we all loved her!

happy faces

an amazing venue. outdoor with outstanding scenery.


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