am extremely happy since i shared my very first snow with my two best persons in the world; one is my best traveling partner (ever!) - Nita, and the other is - of course - Yos.

would be one of my best experience... and will miss this moment soon.
thank you for being there with me, you two! :*


Inaeu said…
wawwww senengg!! :)))
bootsnya beli di mana velll *teteuppp hahahaha

gimana taiwan? kamu ke kota apa? posting lagi dong yang banyakkk
novel said…
hahaha.. bootsnya gue beli online, nae. nyari yg motifnya lucu :DD

aku suka taiwan.. hihi. ntar mo posting di FB aja biar bisa muat banyak fotonya ;) berkunjung yahhh *eh apa sih hehe*

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