(museum walk and) singapore biennale / part II

this is my first time visiting Peranakan Museum; quite often visiting other museums, but this one has never been in my list. only because of the singapore biennale is here, so i grabbed my chance to go inside the museum (this weekend, we visited peranakan museum and SAM 8Q).

(the peranakan museum located in a) quite a small building for a museum, mostly display the history and the development of peranakan in singapore. interesting seeing how the people mix their culture (through marriage) and "give birth" to one different culture in the same time.

for the biennale itself, i found it was more interesting than the previous ones. talked more about nowadays' issue and more relevant ideas of urban life and present life. for example, there was one installation showed us how the food and animals have been changed (through genetic engineering) only to fulfill human's need and/or taste. one of the most surprising fact was.. the original color of a carrot is not orange, but purple!

other interesting things were:

.. where the forest has changed, including what's inside. it's not as green as decades ago. the artist asked the secondary school students to explore the forest, captured things they could recognize, and drew it on the ceramic plates. it was really really nice seeing how the plates were being displayed on the wall.. but when i knew what's the message she wants to tell to people - "that nature or life (in this case is the forest) is as fragile as ceramics; once broken, there's no turn back" - it breaks my heart, bitter fact indeed.

.. where the teenagers are hiding behind their masks of make up, because they couldn't "reflect" themselves in the community due to the unease feeling by being in between childhood and adulthood, where these stage is an unavoidable phase of growing up.

.. or where the feminism is being explore in the garden with breasts sculptures.

.. or where the transgender issue is a sensitive topic in most of the communities, and it was shown clearly and explicitly by malaysian artist in his klinik poh tong.

.. or where one of the pair of artists asked people who were happen to walk pass them to join the crowd of people to do "funny" things in the public areas, such as group jogging on the road before the travelator is being installed in senayan area. or when they asked two or three people to cross the street by stepping onto the motorcycle passenger seats (because in jakarta, when the traffic light is red, the motorcycles always stop at the pedestrian crossing and obstructing the people's way to cross the street). honestly, this is my most favorite installation titled "play is the gun", the artists which were involved in this installation are irwan ahmet and tita salina from indonesia.

got a chance to come to singapore around these time? go and pay a visit singapore biennale, with its big theme: "if the world changed".

can't wait for another two years, another biennale.


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