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it's a routine in the end of the year slash new year posting --- summarizing things of the past year and wishing for a better new year. i am wordless in creating one whole point of 2013, things happened in random pattern and i didn't think there is one or two things highlighting the year. only here and there markings, in spite of all those markings, actually none in particular is "too big" to be mentioned.

although none is big enough, i feel big enough to be thankful for the whole cycle of year. it's a fast year, for me. counting days from the beginning of the year, and yet it's not so long to be here in (almost) the end of the year.

about days and stuffs in 2013..
usually i highlight the months of the year with photos from where i traveled, but this year i didn't travel a lot (and maybe for the coming year, there'll be less travel as well). i was comfortably spending the weekends cooking or watching movie with yos, and/or spending sleepless nights watching arsenal. maybe, that's 2013 highlight: cooking and arsenal.
also, i bought dozen of cooking books, browsed interesting blogs, fell in love with decorating and scandinavian, did some crafting, and spent hours looking at patterns in textiles or clothes.

about people in 2013..
yes, it's about people who left. there are my two dear colleagues who left the office, that's the heartbreaking moments in my daily life, sad for sure but somehow i feel very happy for them. at some points, people needs to move on and that's the time for them --- while i am making my time!
also, there are six friends (three couples, with their kids) who left the country for good. it left some holes in gathering routines i usually had with them, for quite some times i was quite unhappy about it.. 

about work in 2013..
this is my (too) comfort zone and i have been starting to think to leave the zone..

about side job in 2013..
not so bright for the year. finger-crossed for next year.

about love in 2013..
good things came along with the year, i am a happy girl :)

and about the coming 2014..
many rumors about the coming year, doubts about the world's financial situation, fear about the economic stability in every household, or uncertainties in jobs. i fear the same things, i face the same problems, and yet nothing stops me to make plans in life. we live because we're heading somewhere, we live because there are things wait for us in the future.
it'll be a long busy year, pray for health and wealth.
pray for the people around.
pray for the country.
pray for the world.

have a good end of the year!


Inaeu said…
cooking! yess keep on cooking / baking and post it on path / instagram puhleaseee :)

suka banget sama foto-foto makananmu, yos is definitely one lucky guy! hihi, kalo aku ke singapore lagi aku main ke tempatmu yaa.. buatin kue pokoknya hahaha *turis kere tukang malak pula*
novel said…
i will!

iyakk.. kamu main sini dulu ajaaa.. masak2nya gampang. hehehe

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