i've been wanting to post something about one tiny bit of my last trip since a week ago, but the needs to cook and to do the coloring for my coloring book had beaten my wish. the blog has been silent for weeks, i've let it dry while i'm busy doing live out there. but, actually, i open this blog daily, checking the updates from blogs i follow - by skipping the contents of the blog itself.

to be honest, the very last trip ain't that special, went to the neighbor country with an initial purpose of eating. didn't expect much, except for the street food with cheap price. 

fortunately, what i keep in my memory isn't only the food, but also the prettiness of its old town. i couldn't stop staring at the vintage alleys, the rows of old shop houses, murals on the walls which beautified the city even more - but the main reason for being so old and yet still very pretty, is always because of the tiles!


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