high sea

as mentioned before, i sailed the sea! that was my very first cruise, and maybe (for almost all the people of yos' company, as well) the last one. i made it sounds really terrible, but believe me, it ain't that bad. let's say, i am just not a cruise-person.

instead of enjoying all the facilities on the ship, i enjoyed the view above and beyond the ship. mostly i stared at the sky and the horizon, i stared at the almost infinite bluish color. that caused me a non-existence in the social interaction with others and gave me a separate way of enjoying the high sea.

please have a try to book a ticket for a cruise (and choose the one with destination, don't choose "high sea"), and tell me what's the best thing of it. maybe, we're in the same page? :)

p.s.: thank you for the new experience, yos :*



Inaeu said…
aahh kok seru! hehehe cruising ke mana? btw gue uda masukinlo di reading list.. hahaha setelah ngutak-ngatik sotoy akhirnya bisa juga.. tapi tetep aja belol relayout tampilan blog ;P
novel said…
cuman di high sea doang, nae.. :))

reading listnya ga keliatan buat public ya? gue kunjungi blogmu, ga keliatan ada reading list.. hihi. apa gue siwer ya? ntar berkunjung lg :)

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