22 | christmas in a bowl

i am no expert in life, but i know one thing: food makes life happier.

this is one special date for me, so i take another day off and stay at home the whole morning. i read, i cook, i surf the internet, i watch some early episodes of serials, and i lay on bed with blanket.

i guess, i am a happier soul now.

i'll sail the sea this evening - one of yos' treat on my big day - and i hope the sea will be friendly and the sky is clear. i have a thing for beaches, but not for the sea, it's only frightened me with its mysterious life inside the dark water. oh!

okay, enough with the dark thoughts!

this is my second trial to cook this recipe (i found this recipe from one of the blogs i follow, but unfortunately, till now i still can't recall which one is that), i add extra steps and spices to adjust it base on my preference. previously i cook the chicken by following the steps in the recipe and in my (tongue's) opinion the taste was coming only from the peas and pepper, not from the chicken. i believe it's because i have an asian tongue and my sensitivity demands more spices (and salt) for food. so, from that experience, i decided to marinate the chicken with garlic and soya sauce for an hour and let the chicken absorb the flavor. the rest would be as easy as toasting bread (only a lil bit longer)!

i love pepper, just so you know

$2 chicken breast boneless is enough for 2 persons 

 this is the look before i put the mixed chicken-veggie in the oven. wrap it with cooking or baking sheet, so that the steam won't get out.

while waiting.. i have this super cool maps on my lap!


christmas in a bowl, right? :) enjoy your lunch!

that's my happy food! have a happy day, a happy weekend, and a happy life!



Inaeu said…
like!! aahh ini blogspot gak bisa kasih hati gitu ya kaya instagram.. hehehe
novel said…
:)) gpp.. aku anggap hatimu sudah ada di sini *halah* :D

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