28/29 the birthdays

this is to sum up the birthdays of yos and ika, which "only" 6 days different. the celebration was in between the two birthdays, so it was late for yos and a bit too early for ika. but, better late and early, than never. ;)

happy happy birthday!

i made yos a red velvet birthday cake, since he's a red-boy (what i mean is: arsenal) --- besides, when it comes to color, in my head, i associate him as black and red. also, i gave him a big box of newspaper-y wrapped present, he was so surprised and laughed so hard while saying "it's huge!"

ika and yos' birthday celebration was 4 days after yos' birthday and 2 days before ika's birthday. we already arranged this gathering since, like, a month ago. i cooked the food (with yos' help, of course) for the gathering, and we were quite happy with the result - although the pizza's bread rose too high and i didn't know why. all were delicious, but unfortunately i cooked too much, which cause we ended the night with full and huge tummies. we hung out at the pergola in our roof top, lit the candles, spread the sheet, brought up the dvd, and watched the longest movie ever. haha.

all is good when good people are around, isn't it? ;)


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