#roommakeover #2 // ikea hacking

black plain frame

i've seen this kind of diy crafting months ago, and wanted to do it by myself. kinda boring with the ordinary frames and common photos collage inside the frame (which already have been done since i was in junior high, perhaps), so diy frame is a pretty good idea to have something new for my stacks of polaroid photos.
ikea plain black frame is $7.90 and the fabric for its curtain is $2.

standing lamp

i had this standing lamp for - like - ever. bought it with my former roomate on my second arrival in singapore, and already with me in 3 houses i lived in (yeah, i moved a lot, told ya!). for almost 3 years seeing its bulky look, i wanted to take it away and give it a lighter cap. so, i bought a $2 daiso lampion and put it on top of the lamp post and let the rest of the post exposed. ta-dah!
ikea standing lamp $19.90 (the price 3 years ago and today is still the same)

oh.. and btw, the table below the frame is only small boxes i stack it together. the pretty fabric is a camouflage to cover the brownish boxes. 


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