we - yos and i - are proud of ourself. we made our own homemade pizza from scratch (maybe that's common for most of the people, but it's a rare moment for us).

i did the bread dough and he cooked the meats. that's the deal.

he chose to make a meat-lover pizza. the toppings are intense, stuffy, and meaty : tomato chili sauce (cooked with butter and chopped onion), pesto, shredded mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese, mushroom, streaky bacon, chicken ham, black pepper powder, and italian parsley.

while i chose to make a hawaiian-pizza, with lighter and fresher toppings : tomato chili sauce, pesto, shredded mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese, green capsicum, mushroom, chicken sausage, pineapple, and italian parsley.

two slices per pax are enough. now we're having the leftover for dinner. :)

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