August 17th

Whenever Yos' mom comes to town, I get new experiences, I meet new people, and I visit new places. Just like the August 17th.

She'll be having an exhibition in Suntec with a theme : Learning the Past for Better Future. The materials are antique manuscripts from centuries ago and old books which are owned by National Library of Indonesia. I'm thrilled by those "vintage" item and successfully drowned myself adoring the images and old wordings I don't understand. I'm so happy that she gives me two repro sketches from Dutch colonialism showing Fatahillah Museum and Sunda Kelapa harbour.

Happy Independence Day and please do visit the Indonesia's booth at Suntec Convention Hall if you're in town!

An apple (pie) a day, keeps the doctor away.

The old manuscript from 18th century.

 The old map (I really want it!) and neighbor booth's chairs.

Lobby of a hotel where she stay.

One nice lamp in her room.

At night, I unpack my bag and these are the souvenirs of that day!


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