26 / 16th

i got a lovely surprise that day: a pair of ticket to George Benson concert, from Yos.

i, actually, already gave up my hope to attend the concert two weeks ago. i spent too much therefore i couldn't afford to buy a ticket, so i decided not to think about it and let it go.

then, early morning on the 26th, he showed me those tickets in front of my nose and i almost cried.

i didn't imagine how old Mr Benson is, all i know that in 60's he'd already performed, so i guess he must be looked as old as my dad. but on stage, his appearance was much younger than i thought. with his reddish brown neat pants and black long-sleeves shirt, his performance was stunning; played his guitar energetically as a pro; sang like a mature man with his heavy voice; and he even moved his hip several times! the show was a 2 hours non-stop perfect jazz!

hundreds of couples from previous generation dressed well to attend the night, they danced freely during those 2 hours, they laughed and smiled celebrating the music. we were enjoying the whole ambiance in the building; the music, the people, the passion, the affection, and the movements. i, in my twenty-something, together with those fifty something or sixty something people, blended in one direction. this definitely will be one of those night that i'll bring along till my older age. and i am thankful that i'm an oldies.

thanks for the night, love!


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