#roommakeover #1

re-arranging room can be my most ambition right now. it started with a small thought of changing direction of my bed, and then became bigger thought like throwing some stuffs and buying some more stuffs to change the mood.

then, it is now my obsession. couldn't take it away from my head. it's like the whole day keep thinking of every single details i'm going to work on and can't wait to finish my office hour to go home and do it. geez! i really don't know that i can be this obsessive, till this time.

last weekend, i paid a visit to ikea in town and found out that i can buy as many stuff as i desire and wouldn't stop right away. too much idea inside my head as if it's going to explode. so, by calming myself down, here are two small stuffs to start the whole big idea. small, but large impact for the mood.

and by the way, one visit ain't enough.


cal said…
itu apa vel..si kulort?
novel said…
itu yang buat ngisi vas, cal. bebatuan gitu..

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