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since day one i knew that yoghurt (or some spell it : yogurt) can be used to make cakes, i've been like a maniac who googles tons of recipes using yoghurt (and microwave). the first cake i made using yoghurt was the healthy banana cake, and it was super delicious --- which is why i started to be a fan of yoghurt-made cake.

this is the third attempt i'm using yoghurt. the recipe is a basic recipe and very easy to follow (i mean, very very easy!). i followed the amount of flour in the recipe and was successfully made a dozen of small muffin, plus two large muffins.

here is the recipe! (you can refer to this link for the original recipe)

1 cup yoghurt
1 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cups caster sugar (i made it less sugar than the original recipe, since i'm not a fan of sweet food)
2 cups self raising flour
1 cup wheat flour
3 eggs

additional (optional):
2 tsp vanilla essence
strawberries, chopped

how to:
1. mix all ingredients together until smooth, except vanilla and strawberries
2. add in vanilla essence and mix until it incorporated well
3. fold in strawberries, and stir lightly
4. pour into small cups of muffin, i used silicone cups so that it'll be easier to take out from the cups
5. bake at 100% power in a microwave for 2-3 mins or until it's cooked
6. let it cool for 10 mins
7. enjoy with cheese cream or jam as topping, if desire.


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