sparkling moments.

did the gift-exchanging quite so many time this year, and i am delightful! :D
it reminds me of childhood time, brings the christmas (especially) and the new year moments back to the way it used to be - warm.

being faraway from home for years, it makes friends become family. it makes me value each seconds of being a part of the families, makes me value the existence of my family at home. family and "family", they have made my christmas and the soon-to-come new year become warmer and more joyful.

i wish you all nothing but blissful days. merry christmas and happy new year, you!


1. the gifts of "ex-look" gathering at friska's
2. the gifts of office xmas & new year celebration
3. the gifts of the "singaporeans" and arsUI 2003 jakarta
4. "ex-look"-ers (photo : by eby)
5. "singaporeans" :D
6. arsUI 2003 jakarta


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