monggo and askinosie

MONGGO CHOCOLATE is produced in Indonesia and prepared with the utmost respect for the tradition of the great master chocolatiers. All Monggo products are made of the finest dark chocolate with 100% cocoa butter. The best cocoa beans are selected from the Javanese, Sumatran and Celebes plantations. Each flavor has a genuine taste of Indonesian ingredients and is a creation of our Belgian chocolatier in our 'maison de production' in Yogyakarta.

ASKINOSIE CHOCOLATE is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer based in Springfield, Missouri. Askinosie Chocolate bars are crafted from 100% traceable, single-origin cocoa beans from four regions: San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador; Davao, Philippines; Cortes, Honduras; and Tenende, Tanzania. Though specializing in dark chocolate bars, their product line includes dark milk chocolate, white chocolate made from scratch, all natural cocoa powder, roasted cocoa nibs and chocolate hazelnut spread.

Not comparing. I am actually excited in consuming these both. Came from different places, and wrapped with interesting covers - Monggo is quite popular in Indonesia, but Askinosie is new for me. My eyes are happy, my tongue is excited, my soul is smiling. That's how much chocolate bars could affect your whole body and soul.


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